Have you ever had a situation that turned your whole life upside down? I help you go through that and reinvent yourself by focusing on what’s actually important to you to create your new dream life.


I support people on an individual basis, be it founders, solopreneurs, or other people in formal or informal leadership positions.


I also love benefitting more than one person at once. That's why I do keynote sessions, lead the Emerging Men community and run the Coachpreneur Mastermind.


Let me share a little more about myself so we can get to know each other better.


Have you ever had a situation that turned your whole life upside down?I help entrepreneurs go through that and reinvent themselves by focusing on what’s actually important to them to create their new vision and dream life.


  1. Understand who you are and where you're at right now.

  2. Explore how you'd like to feel and how you'd like to live (and I'll challenge you to dream big!).

  3. Work together to make all of that happen.

I keep everything you say confidential. Sometimes clients share things with me that they've never shared with anyone before. Doing that can be quite liberating for you and helps me understand you better.

Does it work?

Trust is paramount for a meaningful coaching relationship. People from the below companies have put their trust in me. I'm sure you know some of them:

Here's what some of them say about working with me:

Charles (CEO & Founder 🇨🇦/🇲🇽):
Jorim is a great listener that asks insight-provoking questions. Jorim's EQ is through the roof and definitely helped me generate various breakthroughs! I'd highly recommend him as a founder/CEO coach.

Sophie (CEO & Founder 🇦🇹):
Jorim is a very talented and open-minded life coach and communication expert.

Stratos (Head of PMO 🇬🇷):
I highly recommend Jorim as a coach and am confident that anyone who works with him will come away from the experience with greater self-awareness, clarity of purpose and a renewed sense of motivation and purpose.

Laura (Senior Account Manager 🇺🇦/🇧🇪):
I am gladly recommending Jorim as experienced mentor who helps his clients to navigate through their path and empowers them with tools and skills, aimed at making the essential first steps into a desired direction.

Let's Focus on What's Important

When working with me, I'll support you by:

  • Nudging you to dream bigger

  • Showing up fully

  • Listening deeply

  • Sharing relevant knowledge and experiences from myself and other clients

  • Helping you do the things you're scared of

  • Holding space

  • Bringing your focus back on what's most important to you

Numbers don't lie

Did you know that business coaching typically returns 5-7x the initial investment?¹
To go after your dreams, you need to believe in yourself and overcome challenges. 80% of people who receive coaching increase their self-confidence.²
Coaching also has a ripple effect: A competent leader will empower their team, leading to improved performance, clarity, and wellbeing

Data from: 1) Startup Happiness: Coaching ROI; 2) International Coaching Federation, 2009; 3) O'Connor & Cavanagh, 2013

Areas of Expertise

There are three experiences that have marked my life and represent my areas of expertise:

  • Running and Building a Business. I've founded a language school and am running my own biz. From that, and from working with many solopreneurs and startups in the last 7+ years, I've learnt the ups and downs. We can work through your fears, increase your focus and confidence, move around roadblocks, and decrease your workload through effective (self) leadership.

  • Going Through Difficult Emotions. In 2020, my son was born and passed away. This terrible loss and the aftermath it brought about were by far the most difficult moments in my life. I lost my son, my vision for the future, friendships... It was faith-breaking. Step by step and with therapists and support groups, I was able to go through loss, and re-discover who I am. Whatever emotions come up for you, I'm comfortable holding space for them so that we can work through them.

  • Increasing Health and Wellbeing. My educational background really shows my interests: BSc and MSc Psychology, MSc Sports Sciences and a discontinued MSc in Nutrition and Health... I'm passionate about health and wellbeing! And I know that the principles of muscle growth (challenge them for them to get stronger) apply to pretty much everything in life. Currently, I'm most focused on ultra running with races of 60km and more coming up soon! To compete at this level, one needs psychological resilience, a strong support network, and to put in the work. I can help you build these, too.

Let's get to know each other

Let's have our first 1-hour coaching conversation to get to know each other and see how I can support you. No strings attached.
In it, you will:

  • Dream big

  • Get clarity on what you want

  • Experience how it is to work with me


  • BSc & MSc of Psychology

  • Coach of Young Professionals

  • NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner

  • Happiness Life Coach

  • 700+ coaching hours

  • I teach Psychology at the DIPLOMA University of Applied Sciences



With a passion for public speaking and a wealth of experience under my belt, I excel at delivering engaging workshops and keynotes to audiences of all sizes.
My journey began as a 10-year-old actor on the local Opera stage, where I confidently performed in front of 800 people for the first time.
Fast-forward to today, and I still relish the opportunity to take center stage.

I exude confidence and radiate positive energy, inspiring my audience with my authentic, vulnerable delivery and carefully chosen words. My enthusiasm is contagious, leaving audiences feeling touched and empowered.My expertise spans a range of topics including leadership, communication, cultural differences, and mental health.

I draw from a combination of academic knowledge, business experience, and personal anecdotes to create presentations that are both informative and lively.Whether it's a small group or a full auditorium, I have the ability to connect with and inspire any audience.

Exemplary keynote topics:

  • From Stoicism to Vulnerability: A Men's Guide to Emotional Wellness

  • Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Education: Adapting to a Rapidly Evolving World!

  • The Hidden Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Cultural Empathy: The Key to Building Strong, Inclusive Teams

  • Innovative Teamwork: Building High-Performing Teams in the Age of Disruption

Contact me now for more details:

emerging men

is the men's community for deeper connection that inspires presence and personal growth. We have two open weekly meetings; come join us for the next one!

Coachpreneur mastermind

I help coaches get more and better clients by aligning their business strategy with their heart and mind.

Are you ready to conquer the challenges that often plague coaches when it comes to the business side, such as insecurity, self-sabotage, and the lack of a sparring partner? Welcome to my transformative 6-month Coachpreneur Mastermind, where I'll guide you through these obstacles, empowering you on your entrepreneurial journey.

coachpreneur mastermind

Coachpreneur (noun)

Pronunciation: /ˈkoʊʧprəˈnɜr/

Definition: An individual who embodies the dual role of a coach and an entrepreneur. This term combines "coach," referring to someone who provides guidance, support, and mentorship to clients in various aspects of their personal or professional lives, with "entrepreneur," denoting a person who takes on the responsibilities of building, managing, and growing a business venture.

Your Journey Towards Success

Do you find yourself held back by doubts and uncertainties in your coaching business? You're not alone. This mastermind provides the support and insights you need to overcome these hurdles and watch your confidence soar.

It is clear, the world needs and wants more coaches. However, often the business side of coaching is not taught and can seem like an insurmountable obstacle for those who don't just want to do coaching as a hobby.Based on my work with startup accelerators, which are programmes that help founders kick-start their business, as well as my own experience running my coaching practice since 2018, I've designed this mastermind.My goal with it is simple: I want you to know what you need about the business side of coaching and have (more) paying clients!Does that sound interesting?

What We'll Do

  1. Weekly Catalyst Calls: Delve deep into crucial topics like pricing, marketing, messaging, confidence, and more. Explore how these concepts apply to your coaching business and gain valuable insights to conquer self-doubt.

  2. Weekly Progress Pulses: Share your journey with the community. Provide updates on your progress and goals, and witness your confidence grow over the next six months.

  3. Accountability Buddy: You won't be alone on this journey. Everyone will have a dedicated accountability partner committed to helping you overcome obstacles and maintain focus.

About Working With Me

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wisdom, your leadership, your heart as we are moving forward. We could not, and probably would not be doing this right now except for your encouragement.""Today’s session was so powerful for me. It made me really think about certain situations that are maybe holding me back. I’m going to take time to reflect and see what else I discover. But I’m already looking forward to our next session!""My confidence has grown over these last 6 months.""Jorim has a very skillful way of identifying and modifying dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs and assisted my decision-making process by guiding me back to my own intuition."

Mastermind Details

I'm committed to your success, which is why I limit the group size to just 12 people. This ensures that you receive personalized attention and support throughout the journey.The content we go through includes but is not limited to:

  1. Business framework

  2. Ideal customer

  3. Pricing

  4. Sales strategy

  5. Personal branding

  6. Client retention

  7. Automation

My Commitment

I am convinced by the power of this mastermind. If, after 3 months, you don't see noticeable changes, I'm happy to offer you free coaching sessions to get you back on track toward building and expanding your coaching business.

Limited Spots Available

Join the waitlist now and be part of this life-changing journey.
Spots are limited, and every batch I increase the prices.
When I open a new batch, I'll email you with the details and, if you still want it, you can confirm your spot by payment.


My journey to coaching is a bit unusual, different from most coaches you'll find. Most coaches I know started their career in industry and at some point had something life-changing happen, after which they decided to dedicate themselves to coaching. That's not my case, I knew coaching was for me from the beginning!Most of my clients select me as a coach because they resonate with who I am and find my life experiences relevant. I've founded a language school, have a BSc and MSc in Psychology, have lived in 6 countries and coach in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese (🇧🇷 & 🇵🇹).I mentor at several startup accelerators and am in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, but I also coach leaders in Fortune 500 companies such as LinkedIn, Airbnb, PayPal, Levi's, Siemens, Zynga etc.


Every month or so I take some time off to reflect and write a newsletter.I reflect on my personal life 🏖️, writing about what I fill my days with, my routines (or lack thereof), and general learning.I also tell you about my professional life ⚡️, including insights on leadership and personal development, projects that I'm working on, and books/podcasts that I've enjoyed.Lastly, I share about nature 🌱. That could be about new principles of nature I've learnt about, observations, or simply what I've been up to in the garden.

More Life Podcast

Join me on More Life, the podcast that explores questions like "how can we create more life?" and "how can we create more aliveness around us?" Through insightful conversations with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives, I uncover the secrets to living a more fulfilling life.Each episode offers practical tips and inspiration on topics like personal growth, human connection, and how to live life. From gratitude to travel, from systems design to regeneration, More Life provides a space to explore the big questions that shape our existence.

Have you ever had a situation that turned your whole life upside down?I help you go through that and reinvent yourself by focusing on what’s actually important to you to create your new dream life.Let's talk about what we could create together!